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MK Clothing:- Manufacturers and Exporters of Motorbike Leather Garments, Textile Garments, Cordura Jackets, Saddle Bags, and all kind of leather Gloves...
About Us  

Company Profile:
MK CLOTHING was established in 2005 as an exporter of various Pakistan made goods. With the passage of time, we have specialized in Cordora garments and Leather garments. We have successfully exported our Cordora Garments and leather Garments to Canada, America and various European countries, our key to success being our consistency in quality and Cordora leather goods at a very competitive prices; resulting in maximum customer satisfaction at all the times.

Our Mission:
In this age of cut-throat competition, MK CLOTHING is endeavored to provide the optimum quality and the trendiest products to its valued clients and that too at a very reasonable cost. We wish to follow a "client-specific" approach and fabricate items that are purely based on client designs. Client satisfaction is a big source of motivation for us.

Our Clientele:
Our marketplace is International area. In a short span of time, the company has created niche markets for itself in USA, Canada, UK and Various European Countries.

The pillars of our organization are our staff, experienced in this industry in producing quality goods for over a decade and qualified to take care of the office matters. An aura of professionalism infused in our entire organization makes us stand a class apart.

Research and Development:
Our most modern and eco friendly planets with clean and pollution free complex. It helps our research and development wing, which keeps a perfect balance between quality, taste and tradition. This aesthetics in transformation process helps to manage over 150 models of our complete product range realized from Cordora and cow, goat, lamb and buffalo leather in different finishes and quality as per our customer specifications. The company boasts of a sound infrastructure, we have a state-of-the-art unit combined export unit that bolsters of the most modernized and sophisticated production techniques and equipment. Highly skilled craftsmen and artisans fabricate tailor-made items for the esteemed clientele. We are confident of meeting your varied requirements in specified time limit.
Our modern Cordora and Leather factory Also Has specialized and efficient departments such as:

MK CLOTHING we take great pride in the garments/goods we manufacture. From the very first step of inspecting, marking, and cutting the leather hides to the final inspection process, and every step in between, your garments is in the hands of skilled craftspeople. Every detail is examined before it is released for shipment so that you can be assured the each garment/good you receive meets the highest quality standards.

Using only the finest graded cordora and leather, we offer a range of finished garments/goods, both traditional and design-inspired to complement these styles and to give you the freedom to make a selection suited to your individual taste.

Quality Assuring:
MK CLOTHING is an Export House of international repute, engaged in the manufacture and export of cordora & leather and high-fashion men, women Cordora garments and leather garments cordora. Originated in the 2005, by a highly entrepreneurial set of personnel, MK CLOTHING has been continually scaling dizzying heights in the area of Cordora garments & leather garments exports by their sheer professionalism coupled with innovative and creative designing for all moods and occasion.

Quality Assurance is probably the company's single biggest contribution to the business, in this regard. MK CLOTHING has a young & experienced QC team manning the quality process at the crucial phases of Garment Designing, Raw material purchase and production. This is done, keeping in constant touch with the company buyers for ensuring the shipment of good Quality Merchandise.

MK CLOTHING is now capable of producing best quality of Cordora & leather, which is available in the world market today. As quality is the keyword, it is ensured that each finished piece passes through at least 4/5 experts hands before being readied for dispatch.

At MK CLOTHING, compromise on excellence is never tolerated. With the passage of time our team has gained experience and achieved full expertise in manufacturing of Cordora garments & Leather Garments.

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